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Watch Warranties: Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some watches include a manufacturer's warranty and some do not?

To provide customers with the broadest possible selection, Amazon offers watches that are sourced through multiple distribution channels, and some manufacturers may not honor the manufacturer's warranty for watches sourced through certain channels. For the watches that do not come with a manufacturer's warranty, customers can choose to purchase a Watch Protection Plan from a third party provider.


What is a manufacturer warranty?

A manufacturer warranty is a warranty offered by the manufacturer. Under a manufacturer warranty, the manufacturer is responsible for servicing the watch.


What does a warranty cover?

Each warranty is different, depending on the seller, manufacturer and watch brand. To learn more about a warranty for a particular watch, click on the "Warranty" link on the product detail page.


If a watch comes with a manufacturer warranty, should I also purchase an additional warranty?

Watch Protection Plans may offer additional benefits. Please review the terms and consitions of the Protection Plan to decide if an additional warranty is important to you when purchasing your watch.


If I previously purchased a watch on Amazon that came with a 2-Year Warranty, provided by Asurion, is my warranty still valid?

For more information regarding this warranty please review the Warranty Card or contact Asurion directly.


Who do I contact if I have questions about warranties?

For questions about the warranty on a specific watch, look at the warranty information on the product detail page. Contact the manufacturer or Amazon Customer Service, as applicable, using the contact information listed in the warranty documentation.


For general warranty questions, contact Amazon customer service.